This Story May Put You to Sleep

Thousands of years ago, Homer wrote in The Odyssey, “There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.”

Therein lies the challenge for millions of people: When it comes time for sleep, they can do anything but sleep.

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have fretted over the importance of sleep – and all too often, their inability to enjoy a good, uninterrupted night of it. Today, discussions about sleep, along with research into its mysterious biomechanics and health benefits, continue unabated. Hundreds of books have been written about the importance of sleep to our physical and emotional well-being; meanwhile, thousands of sleep studies have been conducted. The Google search, “the importance of sleep,” returns millions of hits faster than you can count a single proverbial sheep.

“Sleep is so important. I can’t overstate how vital it is to our lives,” says Ahmed El-Bershawi, M.D., board certified sleep specialist, who recently expanded his … READ MORE »